About me


 I'm an untrained enthusiastic photographer who loves to learn by trying new things. I'm an amateur, but happy to sell enough of my photos to cover the cost of maintaining this site and perhaps helping to purchase an occasional new lens.

My interest in photography began the summer I turned 16 when my family traveled to Europe to see my father's childhood environment. My parents had their hands full with reservations and directions, and of course, wrangling my two younger sisters, so it fell to me to take pictures. I used my mother's Kodak Duo 620 and had a great time. I still have the two albums of color prints and (many of) the negatives. In college, I acquired a Nikon Photomic FTN, which I still have and is in good condition, but I no longer use. During my time at Dartmouth, I shot mostly black and white, partly because a mentor suggested (correctly) that it would help me learn composition and contrast if I couldn't cheat with color, and partly because I couldn't afford to develop color film. (I developed much of my own work then, in the college darkroom.) My current camera is a Nikon D200 with lens 1, lens 2, lens 3.

My favorite subject is children. There was a time I'd visit playgrounds and schoolyards and take candids of children.  These days, that is probably the fastest way to find a policeman. After two uncomfortable experiences, I have given that up, other than my children and grandchildren - who have not given me permission to display or sell their photos to the public. I wish I could show them here - some are very good.

About the name, pheski. In the early internet years when I was first acquiring an email address, the obvious variations on my name (eliasp@, pelias@, petere@) and initials (phe@, pbhe@) were taken. I was (am) a fanatic Nordic skier, so I combined my initials () with my favorite winter activity (ski) and pheski@domain dot com was born. Now I'm stuck with it.

I love to read, mostly non-fiction. Though I am retired from my primary care practice (after 4 great decades) I remain active in the Society for Participatory Medicine. My other interests include grandchildren, Nordic skiing, acoustic guitar, hiking, woodworking, and computer programming. I also have a personal blog.